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Virgin online check in trouble with entering birth date

How to check-in online,Step 2 – Retrieve your booking via Booking Reference

Check in online from 24 hours before your scheduled departure time Check-in for your flight online via desktop, tablet or mobile devices using our online check-in portal. For domestic flights: Online check-in for domestic travel will open 48 hours prior to At this time, you can track orders for Mobility devices and accessories, as well as TV accessories. Please enter your details to see where your order is. All fields marked with an (*) are required. I am currently trying to make a reservation (JFK-MAD rt) through Iberia's website and when I go to enter my birthdate after entering my name, the date disappears when I click away from it or Check-in opens 48 hours prior to departure for domestic flights. If travelling internationally, please arrive four hours ahead of your flight departure to check in via our check-in counters. Specific ... read more

Booking reference A booking reference is a unique code specific to an individual reservation. eTicket number Your eTicket number starts with and is 13 digits long. Virgin Holidays booking references If you've purchased any holiday from Virgin Holidays, the reference can be found under 'Airline Booking Reference'.

Travel agent booking references We also accept booking reference numbers issued by most travel agents. Entering names When checking in online: If you've used a middle name s when making your booking, you'll need to add these to your first name in order to retrieve your booking.

For example, John Robert Smith would be entered as: First Name s : JohnRobert Surname: Smith. How can I check in? Online Online Check In is the fastest, simplest way to do it. When you check in online you can also View and change your seat. Upgrade your seat.

Add baggage and Advance Passenger Information API. Print or download your boarding pass to your smart phone. With our app Check in online via our mobile app, and sort everything out while you're on the move for a hassle-free breeze through the airport. At the airport Our airport check in desks generally close 60 minutes before departure.

Airport guides. We've gone cashless We no longer take cash payments at the airport so please bring an alternative for any additional charges or fees that may apply.

This reduces the need for contact between customers and Virgin Atlantic staff, helping you fly safe and fly well. No printer? No problem If you checked in online and you weren't able to print your boarding pass. Check if you need a visa Not sure what the visa requirements are for your destination? Visa and entry requirements.

Baggage when transferring flights Please note, we can only through check your baggage to the destination shown on your ticket. Special check ins around the world.

php LL Looking through the checkBirthDate function in modUserValidation , nothing is jumping out to me. php L It seems to be leveraging strtotime for conversion just fine here, so I wonder if there is something in the ExtJS that is not playing well with the Y, m-d format? A little off topic but looking at the checkBirthDate method here:. It also seems you can't enter birth dates which are exactly on - as this date converts to 0 and 0 counts as empty!

I have imported some users into the modUsers table which all have birth dates assigned as UNIX timestamps. If you click on Save it seems the changes are saved but the changes don't land in the database. exside the value of the dob field before submitting:. This value comes from a fresh 2. Nevertheless there is a strange behavior with misleading error messages and I think the system should handle those "misconfigurations" - e.

don't let save invalid date templates. but you're right, it shouldn't fail the question is, what to do if an admin specifies a date format, that cannot be parsed by strtotime? Doesn't ext let you define a post value of sorts for date fields? Op 6 aug. com :. Skip to content. Star 1. When you drop off your baggage, you will be asked whether or not you have packed items that may be considered dangerous goods. When packing your bags, please consider what is permitted, what is forbidden and what is restricted.

Do not pack anything that is likely to be confiscated by airport staff or ground crew. If you exceed your checked baggage allowance, you will be subject to excess baggage charges. Any items which exceed the carry-on baggage allowances will be tagged and placed in the hold. If you require additional baggage, we strongly recommend purchasing additional baggage before arriving at the airport.

Please visit Manage My Bookings or contact the Guest Contact Centre. Virgin Australia has a list of minimum dress requirements.

To board our aircraft Virgin Australia guests must wear:. If your items of clothing display offensive language or symbols, you will not be permitted on our services. If you do not meet our minimum dress requirements, you will be prevented from travel until you are dressed appropriately.

It is important to us and our guests that flights depart on time. For domestic flights, gate closure will occur 10 minutes prior to departure and our aircraft will not be held at the boarding gate for late guests. As flight and gate information can change, remember to regularly refer to flight information display screens throughout the terminal to stay up to date with your flight status and gate information.

If you require extra time boarding or additional assistance, please contact our Guest Contact Centre in advance so that we can arrange this with our team at the airport. If you are travelling internationally, please familiarise yourself with the essential travel documentation required to board your flight.

If you do not have the correct travel documentation, you may miss your flight and forfeit the fare paid. Please have your passport and travel documents on hand, and keep in mind the Enhanced Security Measures for what is permitted on-board international flights.

If you are travelling to the USA, you will need to provide ground crew and Customs officers with a contact address for your first night in the USA. We recommend that you have this documented and ready to present when required. Find out more about Visa and Passport requirements for specific destinations. Travel information Manage your booking Check-in information Check-in information. Manage your booking Change or cancel booking Check-in information.

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Please note the below guide applies to both Domestic and International online Check-in. Exact wording may vary based on your journey.

Note : Online Check-in is available between 48 hours and 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure for domestic flights, or between 24 hours and 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure for international flights. Some flights may be unavailable for online check-in. Read our Online Check-in limitations. We have detected that you are using an outdated web browser. We recommend that you upgrade in order to improve security and your browsing experience.

Find out more. KIA ORA! IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE IN NEW ZEALAND Visit our New Zealand website for more relevant pricing, content and promotions. GO TO NEW ZEALAND CONTINUE TO AUSTRALIA. Skip to Navigation Skip to Main Content. Help centre. Home Help centre How to guides How to check-in online. How to guides. View glossary. View sitemap. About website security. Spyware removal. About accessibility. Step 1 — Navigate to our Online Check-in portal Visit check-in. Once they are highlighted in red on the left hand menu, select the desired seat from the seat map.

If you have booked more than one flight, you can also choose to select seats for these here. Select "Save" or "Cancel" to navigate back to the overview screen. It is important this information is correct at the time of check-in as it can not be amended online.

If you are having difficulties using the online check-in please use the Airport check-in. Please proceed to bag drop or an online check-in counter where available. No checked bags? Head straight to the boarding gate with your boarding pass. Remember, carry-on baggage limits of up to 7kgs apply. If you are travelling on an international flight, you will be required to present your passport and other travel documentation to a Virgin Australia team member at check-in before proceeding to the boarding gate.

Guests who have checked in online are required to present at Check-in and have their travel documents validated via the Check-in kiosks or a Virgin Australia team member prior to proceeding to Security.

Check-in information,Help topics

At this time, you can track orders for Mobility devices and accessories, as well as TV accessories. Please enter your details to see where your order is. All fields marked with an (*) are required. We are sorry you are having trouble. To enter your birthdate on Android or iOS device please follow the instructions below. To enter your birthday, tap on the birthday input box and select Step 4 – Identify guest (s) to check in. By default, all guests included in the booking will be pre-selected for check in. If you do not wish to check in one or more guests from your booking, Check in online from 24 hours before your scheduled departure time  · If you use the date picker or entering the value manually it always changes to this format: yyyy, mm-dd If you hit Save, the field error tells you: Please state the birthdate in  · It asks different questions about information that is on the card and most is already filled in. I get to date of birth and can only enter month and day and not year. A message ... read more

Skip to Navigation Skip to Main Content. Looking the part Virgin Australia has a list of minimum dress requirements. No problem If you checked in online and you weren't able to print your boarding pass. Amazon Alexa. Hong Kong Airport guide. Check-in online.

When planning your arrival at the airport please ensure you allow enough time to check in. You'll see on our eTickets we refer to this number as a 'booking reference'. Special check ins around the world. Allow enough time to clear security, Customs and Immigration before boarding. They are open from - daily. com :. Proceed to bag drop.